Why Essor?


Why choose Essor Carbon Wheels?

Next Generation Performance

Take Your Riding To The Next Level

Our team of experts are proud to provide wheels that will optimize your performance at an impressively affordable price.   Whether you are training or racing, you can’t beat the value of Essor wheels.  Our wheels give you the stiffness you need; the aerodynamics you want; and the light-weight, low-rolling resistance you crave for optimizing performance.  Professional cyclist or a recreational rider, you’ll love what Essor wheels will do for you.

Quality Manufacturing

Designed and Built For Performance

Essor wheels and components are built from some of the highest-grade carbon on earth. It’s stiff, super-light, and carefully crafted, but most importantly, it’s dependable. It’s reliable. When you put the pedals down on an Essor wheelset, you’re going to get a positive response, everytime. When you bolt in Essor bottle cages, the bottle stays there. Essor products are tested rigorously, because we’re cyclist and we know what WE want in a carbon wheel and component. Anything less is unacceptable.

Essor Apparel is designed and constructed with fine materials and fine craftsmanship, giving you the best opportunity to be fast and be comfortable. Quality apparel is key for performance; where it stretches, where it doesn’t, how it fits, how it looks, etc. We test our apparel rigorously to make sure it’s exactly what we want, because our wants represent your wants!

Carbon Fiber Components

Super Lightweight

Essor components and accessories are lightweight, plain and simple. Shave the weight and up-your-game for less money, with Essor components that you can rely on.

Free Shipping

Anywhere In The World

We ship for free, anywhere on earth. We hate paying for shipping, so we don’t ask you to do it. Orders ship 5 days per week and shipping to the lower-48 United States takes 1-5 business days!

Podium Bonus

Win With Essor USA

Ever had your wheel brand pay you? “Essor Podium Bonus” program does just that. Here’s how it works: Buy your new Essor wheels and go race them – when they help you reach a podium, snap a photo of yourself on the podium and send it to us, then we send you a store credit. Cool, right? Read up on the details here.

Guarantee & Crash Replacement

Because we offer high-quality products, we confidently stand behind everything we offer. Essor offers a 2-year warranty to the original owner on manufacturer defects or material defects. Warranty covers product defects, not normal wear and tear. Crashes and theft are not protected, although Essor does offer Crash Replacement Insurance.

If you’d like to protect your wheels from something terrible happening that falls outside of the warranty (with the exception of theft), you can buy a “Crash Replacement” for 50% off of retail on your re-purchase for only $79. For example, if you buy a set of our wheels for $1800 and you also purchase the “Crash Replacement” assurance for only $79, you've spent $1,879. If you crash and shatter the wheels 18 months later, you can contact Essor, send the wheels back, and buy the same set for only $900 after the discount. Our customers have 3 years to use this insurance policy. The discount applies only to the original owner, who has 14 days from the date of original equipment purchase to secure the Crash Replacement Insurance.