Because we offer high quality products, we confidently stand behind everything we offer. Essor offers a 2-year warranty to the original owner on manufacturer defects or material defects. Warranty covers product defects, not normal wear and tear. Crashes and theft are not protected, although Essor does offer Crash Replacement Insurance.




Order is received with wrong/missing/damaged items We will take care of you so that you received exactly what you paid for!
Manufacturing Defects (In the first 2 years) We will replace the wheels at no cost
You Crash and Your Wheels Break (Within 3 Years) 50% off a replacement set, with purchase of Essor Crash Replacement Insurance

The following will void your warranty:

  • Tire pressure in excess of 150 PSI
  • Improper modifications
  • Use of non-specified brake pads
  • Improper assembly, maintenance, or care

This warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear; including wear and tear on the skewers, spokes and/or bearings.
  • Damages to bicycle
  • Misuse, such as jumping, stunt riding, etc.

Contact info@essorusa.com for more information or to file a claim