Q: What is included in my purchase of wheels?

A: With a purchase of any Essor wheel set, you will receive a complete and built wheelset, hub skewers, nylon rim strips, Essor USA Carbon Specific Blue brake-pads, 10-speed cassette spacers, valve extenders (66mm Dash only), Shimano/SRAM free-hub body, and Campy free-hub body (additional cost).


Q: Are Essor road wheels 11-speed compatible?

A: Essor wheels are indeed 11-speed compatible. The appropriate spacer for 10-speed cassettes is also included.


Q: What does each set weigh?

A: Pace 32mm, 1400 grams. Rush 46mm, 1525 grams. Dash 66mm, 1705 grams.


Q: What is the rider-weight limit on Essor wheels?

A: We recommend a 16/20 spoke count for riders up to 190lbs (Dash 66mm). We recommend a spoke count of 20/24 for riders over 190lbs (Pace 32mm and Rush 46mm).


Q: What style of spokes are used?

A: Essor wheels come with butted J-bend spokes, which consists of a large-to-small tapering spoke gauge as it moves from the hub to the dish.


Q: What spoke pattern is utilized on Essor wheels?

A: Essor wheels utilize a radial lace pattern on the front wheel, with a radial lace pattern on the non-driveside and a 2-cross lace pattern on the rear driveside.


Q: What kind of carbon is used to construct Essor wheels?

A: Essor utilizes a UD carbon weave with a 3k carbon weave at the brake surface for maximum longevity.


Q: What kind of hubs are used on Essor wheels?

A: Essor wheels currently feature Essor Racing hubs, with a low flange profile and cartridge bearings.


Q: How are the spoke nipples assembled?

A: Essor wheels utilize internal spoke nipples for maximum aerodynamics and a decreased spoke hold size for increased strength.


Q: What brake pads should I use on my Essor wheels?

A: Essor wheels include Essor USA Carbon Specific Blue brake-pads, which are included with the purchase of Essor wheels. The use of any other brake pad voids your warranty.


Q: Will Essor wheels work with a Shimano cassette? SRAM? Campy?

A: Essor wheels will work seamlessly with Shimano and SRAM. The necessary free-hub body for Campy products is available for an additional cost during checkout. If you purchase the Campy free-hub body, the original free-hub body will also be included in the event you change groupsets in the future.


Q: What are the spoke-counts of each wheel?

A: Pace 32mm and Rush 46mm utilize a 20 front/24 rear spoke count, where as the Dash 66mm utilizes a 16 front/20 rear spoke count.


Q: What is the max PSI suggested for Essor wheels?

A: 150PSI


Q: What is the largest tire suggested for Essor wheels?

A: While you may be limited by your frame geometry, the maximum tire size we suggest is 32c.


Q: Are valve extenders included?

A: Valve extenders are included with the purchase of the Dash 66mm set.


Q: What if my wheels break?

A: Essor wheels carry a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects and craftsmanship. Additionally, within 14-days of purchase, a Crash Replacement Insurance policy can be purchased. Read more about it here.


Q: What is the shipping once I order?

A: We ship same-day via UPS. Tracking numbers will be sent upon shipping.


Q: Do you offer team or club discounts?

A: Yes we do! Please contact us by phone or email: info@essorusa.com