Crash Replacement


If we know anything about athletes, we know that they are constantly testing the limits. While this helps with the adrenaline, it can unfortunately lead to crashes and breakage. That’s why Essor offers phenomenal crash replacement insurance. If anything happens to your wheels outside of the warranty (with the exception of theft), you can buy a “future purchase discount” of 50% off for only $79. For example, if you buy a set of our wheels for $1800 and you also purchase the 50% future purchase discount for $79, you've spent $1,879. If you crash and shatter the wheels 18 months later, you can contact Essor, send the wheels back, and buy the same set for only $900 after the discount. Our customers have 3 years to use this insurance policy. The discount applies only to the original owner, who has 14 days from the date of original equipment purchase to secure the Crash Replacement Insurance.


If you purchased Crash Replacement Insurance and have an issue with your wheels inside of 3 years, see the following guide to resolution.




Wheels are broken in a race 50% off a replacement set!
Wheels are broken due to a manufacturing defect after the two year warranty period 50% off a replacement set!
Wheels are broken for any reason... 50% off a replacement set!

Essor Crash Replacement covers the following:

  • Wheels broken due to crashing
  • Wheels broken due to negligence
  • Wheels broken during transportation
  • Wheels broken due to manufacturer defects or craftsmanship outside of the normal warranty period
  • Wheels broken for ANY reason!

Crash Replacement does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear (bearings, skewers, spokes etc)
  • Damages to the bicycle

Contact for more information or to file a claim