About Us

Created by Cyclists

Essor USA was created by a group of cycling enthusiasts and industry professionals with 25 years of bicycle business experience and decades of actual cycling. Stationed in Tempe, AZ, Essor USA is on the cutting edge of the sport. We provide state-of-the-art carbon fiber components, accessories, and apparel that takes the art of cycling to a whole new level.

It is often said, “If you continue to behave like the type of person you want to be, eventually, with time, you will become that person.” That drive is what takes you to the peak you’ve been reaching for; it’s what provides that last push of adrenaline needed to finish the race. At Essor, our vision to be a leader in cycling components and apparel is what drives us to be the best in our industry and offer the highest quality product to our customers.

Designed in the USA, our lightweight and affordable carbon fiber cycling parts equip enthusiasts with the tools they need to perform their best and pursue their passion.


Homay Farsi

Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Farsi is Self-motivated professional with over 25 years of technology, entrepreneurial and business management experience in corporate environments with consistent over-achievement. Impeccable knowledge of program analysis processes, needs assessment, strategic planning, team management . Mr. Farsi is the original Founder of VeloVie Bicycles, high-end racing bicycles implementing a new concept of selling directly to the consumers, teams and clubs using technology and online marketing while assuming full responsibility for the vision of company. Prior to that Mr. Farsi was Co-Chairman – President of Improvenet.com and managed a publicly traded online dot com company while overseeing technology, online marketing, and P&L initiatives, as well as successfully sold to Interactive Commerce (IAC). Mr. Farsi has a Masters degree from University of Salford, Manchester England.


Mehdi Farsi, Reza Farsi, & Eric Ferguson

Co-Founders - State Bicycle Co.

The founders of the industry-leading fixed-gear/single speed brand State Bicycle Co. have brought in their experience to form Essor USA. Formed in 2009, State Bicycle Co. has a huge presence in the industry, in e-commerce, through independent bicycle shops, and international distribution. The State Bicycle Co. Race Team competes nationally and internationally, arguably the strongest fixed-gear cycling team in the country, and of course, racing on Essor Track wheels.