Sean Martin on the Rush 46MM Carbon Clincher Wheel Set

Photo by Joshua Farr

My name is Sean Martin and I have been riding track bikes since 2005, racing them since 2007, and then made the jump to road cycling in 2010. Off the bike, I have been running a successful blog called Takeover LA (now called Rear Triangle) for well over seven years. I have successfully run over 70 fixed events in seven years of living in Los Angeles; changing the face of LA urban cycling in the process. I have competed in hundreds of alleycats, crits, sprints, velodrome events, street races,and  road races. 

I had been hesitant about making the leap to carbon wheels on my road bike. I just always felt like I would thrash or break them or simply not enjoy the way they ride. However, for the last two years, I have had the Rush 46MM carbon wheels on my road bike. I've put thousands of miles on them, mixed terrain riding, gravel, dirt, jumping all sorts of shit on them and never had an issue or a need to true them.

Photo by Joshua Farr

These wheels have lasted and will probably outlast me they way I ride them. Essor USA wheels have the get-up and go-to carry up the that mountain pass, the ability to spin you right to the head of the pack and slam your way through that field sprint. I love taking them on dirt and shredding while getting curious looks from the mountain bikers/cross riders you come across in the woods. People just don't expect to see anyone on 46mm carbon road wheels on single track or fire roads. The minimal logos are pretty killer too and make for a subtle entry into any race format. My only wish is that I had some for my track bike so I can skid my way to victory in an alleycat. Or just hear that hum of amazing carbon on the velodrome.

-- Sean Martin