Bike Messenger, Chas, reviews our 46MM Carbon Clincher Track Wheel Set

Photo by Chris Dilts
About Chas:
I am a bike messenger that currently lives and works in San Francisco, California. I primarily race my track bike on the streets of cities around the world,  Alleycats are my specialty but I also excel at fixed gear crits. Travel is a huge part of my life and the equipment has to be able to stand up to the wear and tear of constant travel and racing. While being competitive and racing for results is fun and satisfying, I like to keep it loose and race for STOKE and shred cred over anything else. My favorite food is pizza, I like cats over dogs, and my favorite pastime I enjoy reading books while laying in the warm sunshine on sandy beaches (with a bucket of ice-cold beer close at hand).
Put to the test:
First off I have never really been one for carbon wheels. Standard alloy rims and 32 spokes were the name of my game. I was able to ride a pair of the Essor USA Rush 46MM carbon clincher track wheel set for the last 6 months and they have changed the way I think about carbon track wheels.
My initial worry of them being fragile and unable to stand up to the abuse of TSA and constant plane flight was dispelled after I took them to New York for Monster Track, to Los Angeles for Lord of Griffith 666, and finally to London (for an full month). By the end of it, they were still perfectly true and straight.

Photo by Christopher Lee
I have since used them for messenger work in NYC and SF; they stand up great to potholes and hopping down small stair sets. I raced them at the Red Hook Crit in Brooklyn and paired with 25c Continental 4000s rubber. I felt fast and stable (they also survived my crash into the barriers at 25mph, so that's cool too). They have also seen their share of the fire roads in Marin and while they may sound like they are about to explode skidding down some bumpy dirt, they have yet to do so. 
All in all, they are a simple and solid set of all-around wheels for me that just happen to be stiff as hell and considerably lighter than my traditional wheel sets.
I think the big thing, style wise, is the internal nipples. They give the wheel a clean Pro look. The standard 15mm axles and bolts are a nice touch as you are never far from an adjustable wrench (when you forget your tools).
- Chas Christiansen